Dionne C. Morgan 

Executive Director

Ra Messu-t Academy of Higher Learning

Dionne Morgan is the executive director of Ra Messu-t Academy of Higher Learning. A prior developmental therapist, she brings more than 20 years of educational leadership, child development expertise, and cognitive analysis experience to her role at Ra Messu-t. Based on her diverse experiences with African culture and as a developmental therapist, she quickly realized that children were not getting the curriculum necessary to not only sculpt their scholastic skills, but also holistically develop character and life skills necessary for success in today’s society. She eventually learned many parents shared her exact sentiment. Accordingly, in 2016, Dionne and her husband Addison Morgan III founded Ra Messu-t, under the pedagogy Empowerment Centered Method—Ra Messu-t’s central teaching doctrine.


Dionne has a B.S. in Psychology. Dionne and her husband of 23 years, Addison, live on the southside of Chicago. The couple has three wonderful children: Addison, 24, Zion, 22 and Sanerra, 10, who is a student at Ra Messu-t.


Ra Messu-t Academy of Higher Learning (RMAHL) is an independent private home-school network that focuses on the development and transformation of your child. RMAHL is an empowerment-centered school.  Empowerment-Centered Method (ECM) places a focus upon the development of the overall child with an emphasis upon the cultivation of the child's innate talents and skills based upon our personality assessment. Its overall goal is to elevate a child's ability to utilize his or her talents and skills to openly compete and overcome any and all potential challenges of education, career and life. 

     A child's ability to succeed within both life and scholastic environment is innate. What makes school and life challenging is not the child's ability to learn, but a combination of environment, bad habits, incorrect behaviors and a rigid scholastic system. It is unfortunate, but many children experience difficulty in school simply because the academic model doesn't fit their specific personality or needs and focus is not placed upon overall empowerment and development. At the same token, many kids fail in school because their innate personality: habits and behaviors are not aligned to the discipline demands of the scholastic system.

    Most systems provide a cookie cutter approach to education, while RMAHL tailors the learning environment to fit your child's unique talents and needs. Once a child's talents and skill's are understood, RMAHL tailors a curriculum that is challenging and transforming. Instruction is differentiated to meet the individual readiness, learning profile and interests of each student according to the nature and dynamics of their personality.

   In today’s world, both parents typically work full-time jobs and are unable to commit the necessary time to rearing, cultivation of character, behavior and habits of their children. They are relying more on independent home schools whom have the expertise to both educate and assist with development and cultivation of character. RMAHL is up to the task and many parents have experienced great satisfaction in the transformation of their children.

The RMAHL's 8 core Strategies for Empowerment:

  1. Emotional Calm

  2. Synergy

  3. Mastery 

  4. Power and Resilience

  5. Self-restraint and Self-regulation

  6. Leadership and Independence

  7. Enthusiasm and Enjoyment

  8. Communication and Listening Skills


Our Curriculum

RMAHL’s education approach is not limited to the academic curriculum; it includes a holistic approach.  We offer Math, Science, Language Arts, Maa-t Philosophy, Social Studies, Yoga, Meditation, African History, Agriculture and other enrichment activities. RMAHL’s Empowerment Centered Model is based upon the following seven key areas:

  1. Education

  2. Personality Development

  3. Leadership Development

  4. Business Skills Development

  5. Emotional Well-being  

  6. Building and Sustaining Good Relationships

  7. Health and Wellness.