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Empowermen Centered

Empowerment Centered Approach

Ra Messu-t Academy of Higher Learning L3c (RMAHL, L3c) is an independent private home-school network that focuses on the development and transformation of your child. RMAHL is an Empowerment-Centered School.  Empowerment-Centered Method (ECM) places a focus upon the development of the overall child with an emphasis upon the cultivation of the child's innate talents and skills based upon our proprietary personality assessment or Natal Personality. Once Natal Personality is completed our educational model is strategically arranged to ensure its cultivation through all of the academic processes. How teachers' and administration will interact with your child through the academic process is based upon the Natal Personality assessment thus the basis of ECM approach. 

ECM is utilizing the education process e.g. its situations, challenges, social interaction etc., to improve the child's ability to apply their personal power to get the maximum out of life. Since the academic process is tailored to your child's personality, she or he finds comfort, a sense of self-worth, enjoyment and happiness as they are pushed to reach their maximum potential. ​​

Natal Personality

Natal personality represents a child's talents, skills and innate abilities they were born into. It represents distinctive traits and tendencies that drive decisions, behavior, enjoyment, attraction, relationships, career, health, emotional nature, etc. It is the primary element behind your child's behavior and autonomous responses to life situations. It is how your child will apply themselves in life and outcomes of success or failure are simply feedback mechanisms of how well they apply such. In essence, success in all areas of life is determined by the correct execution of these particular skills. It is our understanding of natal personality that allows us to create academic strategies unique and specific to your child. 

Natal Personality

Traditionl African Techniques

The RMAHL's 8 Universal ECM Core Strategies: 

  1. Emotional Calm

  2. Synergy

  3. Mastery 

  4. Power and Resilience

  5. Self-restraint and Self-regulation

  6. Leadership and Independence

  7. Enthusiasm and Enjoyment

  8. Communication and Listening Skills.

Development Curriculum

Our Development Curriculum

RMAHL’s education approach is not limited to the academic curriculum; it includes a holistic approach.  We offer Math, Science, Language Arts, Japanese, Maa-t Philosophy, Social Studies, Yoga, Meditation, African History & Culture, Agriculture and other enrichment activities. RMAHL’s Empowerment Centered Model is based upon the following nine key areas:

  1. Education

  2. Personality Development

  3. Social Development

  4. Leadership Development

  5. Business Skills Development

  6. Entrepreneurial Development

  7. Emotional Development  

  8. Relationship Development

  9. Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Health and Vitality

At RMAHL L3c, health and wellness are very important and necessary for academic success. We offer the following:

  • Vegetarian Lunches

  • Daily Exercise

  • Yoga

  • Meditation and much more. 

Mixed Age Learning

  Mixed Age Learning


Our students learn how to interact with students of various ages. This is important towards achieving ECM goals according to the following:

  1. Develop the ability to function within a chain of command.

    • Older student learn how to delegate, assist, nurture and encourage younger students within the daily activities.  

    • Younger students learn a healthy respect and humility for the authority of their peers.

  2. Positive Peer Pressure

    • Older students set an example or become a model for excellence for the younger students.

    • Younger students are able to witness the leadership skills and success of older students to emulate. 

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