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Mission and Vision


The name Ra Messu-t is derived from ancient African concept meaning "children of light." Our mission is to use ancient African developmental concepts e.g. Empowerment Centered Method, to improve the wealth, well being, academic and social performance of every child enrolled. We have experienced great success through our proprietary Natal Personality Assessment, which is used to personalize the  approach and curriculum to the individual student. 


Dionne C. Morgan


Dionne Morgan is the executive director of Ra Messu-t Academy of Higher Learning. A prior developmental therapist, she brings more than 20 years of educational leadership, child development expertise, and cognitive analysis experience to her role at Ra Messu-t. Based on her diverse experiences with African culture and as a developmental therapist, she quickly realized that children were not getting the curriculum necessary to not only sculpt their scholastic skills, but also holistically develop character and life skills necessary for success in today’s society. She eventually learned many parents shared her exact sentiment. Accordingly, in 2014, Dionne and her husband Addison Morgan III founded Ra Messu-t, under the pedagogy Empowerment Centered Method—Ra Messu-t’s central teaching doctrine. 


Dionne has a B.S. in Psychology. Dionne and her husband of 23 years, Addison, live on the southside of Chicago. The couple has three wonderful children: Addison, 26, Zion, 24 and Sanerra, 13, who is a student at Ra Messu-t.

Parent Rights

Parent's Rights

Happy Family

Ra Messu-t Academy L3c, takes pride in honoring the rights of parents. We have quarterly meetings and parent workshops to ensure all of our parents are knowledgable of the classes and philosophical premise taught.   We understand the importance of parental choice and parental input in social and behavioral rearing. As a matter of fact, a partnership with parents is necessary to excel your child through our curriculum. We understand that school is not to replace parents in any way shape or form. On the contrary, schools must adapt themselves to the needs of the family. Ra Messu-t is here to serve the needs of parents and in need of parental support to uphold the social standards communicated through our curriculum at home.  

Ra Messu-t Clubs

Ra Messu-t School Clubs

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