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Empowerment Centered Education

An Investment in the Future

Ra Messū-t Standard Tuition


Standard tuition is $10,200.00 per year and can be made in monthly installments of $750.00, quarterly payments of $2550.00 or semi-annual payments of $5100.00. We operate on a 48 - 52 week school calendar year and are open all year around.

Ra Messu-t Academy is a Year Round School.


Because the financial commitment is for an entire year, Ra Messu-t offers a tuition refund plan. For a fee of 2.5% of total tuition (US: $263), parents may insure themselves against full liability for unpaid tuition. The plan works as follows:

- If a parent decides that the child will not continue at Ra Messu-t, the plan pays for 50% of the unused tuition and the parent is liable for 50%.

- If a student is required to withdraw by the school, the plan pays 60% of the unused tuition and the parent is liable for 40%.

- The Tuition Refund Plan will be billed in the first invoice in July.


Financial Assistance 


We use TADS Grant and Aid Assessment (TADS) to determine financial aid eligibility. The window for submitting completed financial aid applications opened on Friday, September 1, 2023.

Families MUST apply online

  • Families seeking financial assistance must fill out the TADS Application if they wish to be considered for financial aid from us.

  • Approximately 50% of our students receive financial aid. 

  • Our Partner Code: 200977.

  • After application is submitted, you will receive an email notifying you of your status.

School Fees:
New Student Fee: $2,000
Tech Fee: $300
Lunch Fee: $300
Supply Fee: $200
All school fees due after acceptance for new students.
Tech, lunch, and supply fees are due annually for all students.
Tuition Rates:
Annual: $8,250
Monthly: $750
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