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Step1: Educate Yourself

The first step in applying to Ra Messu-t Academy of Higher Learning is to make sure you have read the sections under "About Us" and conduct some personal research to determine if this is the right school for your family.

Step 2: Download and Complete Registration Form

Complete registration form and bring along with $100 non-refundable registration fee to the meeting with the Executive Director.  Paying registration fee is no guarantee of admissions acceptance. It is simply a means of starting the assessment of personality and other factors important in admission's decision.

Step 3: Set Up Meet-up with Director

Call the school or send an email to set up a meeting with the Director and get basic questions answered.

Step 4: Set Up Observation Days

Once you have turned in registration form and fee.  You are now prepared to set up an observation day for your child. Observation Days allows Ra Messut's staff an opportunity to observe your child's application of his or her personality within the Ra Messu-t environment. This is important in the process of understanding your child's personality. This is invaluable in assessing the educational approach specific to your child.  A minimum of two observation days is required. If school is not in session, then one on one with director or approved staff member will satisfy this requirement. 

If your child attended our summer camp, then his or her's attendance fulfills this requirement. 

Step 5: Family Interview

Once observation days are completed it is time for the family interview. This process is to get to know parents and also give them a detailed overview of what is expected of them to ensure their child fully benefits from the Ra Messu-t program. Unlike other schools, parents are a necessary and vital part of the Ra Messu-t educational process. The success of a child is dependent upon the proper execution of Ra Messu-t principles within the home.  Parents are held to the same level of accountability as their child within the Ra Messu-t process. 

     Another aspect of the family interview is the presentation of the assets and liabilities of the child. Parents are given the Ra Messu-t strategy, personalized to their unique child that will be used as the baseline to support the child's growth throughout the educational process.  Parents will learn what is needed from them to support child's growth and progress. 

Step 6: Apply For Financial Aid (If Applicable)

Ra Messu-t Academy of Higher Learning uses TADS Aid Assessment to to determine financial aid eligibility. Our Partner Code: 200977

Step 7: Deposit and Start

If your family is accepted a non refundable $250 deposit per child is necessary to complete enrollment.

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